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The General And Duchess Collins - The Collector tab

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Top song, dead easy to play. Play open chords until you get to the 'I'm the man that 
up the metal...' bit at the end, then switch to barre chords.

C           Em
  I used to get up and down
C       Em
  Now I just go out
C                 Em
  Dogs have taken over the town
     Am                  G
  So I just stand in the rain

C                  Em
  My job now has become obsolete
C                       Em
  They don't need me to sweep the street
C                 Am
  All that now is done with
  The sweeping of a hand

C                        Em
  I ain't the thing that people see
C              Em
  As the thing that you need
C       Em
  To be in the place
Am             G
  A man should be

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C                       Em
  So I just pick up the odds and ends
C             Em
  Left by the others when
C            Am
  They don't shine

C                   Em
  The people in the place to be
C              Em
  Feel fine to stare at me
C               Em
  Laying here beneath
Am          G
  The water line

C               Em
  I can breathe under the sea
C                 Em
  Mountains step aside for me
C             Am
  Don't wanna be on TV
  I just want the metal inside

A             C
  I'm the man picks up the metal
F                        E
  Left by the people who think they'd know better
A             C
  I'm the one still in the middle
F                   E
  Between death and solving the riddle