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The Handsome Family - Far From Any Road True Detective Theme chords

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The Handsome Family- Far From Any Road

You may know this as the theme song from the excellent new HBO show "True Detective" 
starring Woody Harrelson and ol' Matt McConaughey.


Intro: Am

Am              E
From the dusty May sun
Dm                    Am
Her looming shadow grows
Am              E
Hidden in the branches
Dm                 Am
of the poison creosote

She twines her spines up slowly
Towards the boiling sun
And when I touched her skin
      F             Am
My fingers ran with blood

 Am              E
In the hushing dusk
          Dm              Am
Under a swollen silver moon
    Am           E
I came walking with the wind
    Dm                 Am
To watch the cactus bloom

And strange hands halted me,
The looming shadows danced
I fell down to the thorny brush
     F              Am
And felt the trembling hands

  Am                   E
When the last light warms the rocks
          Dm         Am
And the rattlesnakes unfold
  Am               E
Mountain cats will come
    Dm             Am
to drag away your bones

And rise with me forever
Across the silent sand
And the stars will be your eyes
         F                 Am
And the wind will be my hands
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