The Jacks - Marianne chords

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This song is by the Japanese Band Jacks or The Jacks
from the album Vacant World released
in 1968 originally the song is in Japanese
but these are the only lyrics I could get for it. 
So I'll just post the chords separate from lyrics
most of the song as far as rhythm guitar sits
on the same chords Em and Am when he starts
yelling and the music gets intense
More difficulties posting this tab as usual,
but what are you gonna do? Stupid people everyhwere,
but thanks to the people who approved, Kudos 

Em  D
Em   Bm
D Em
Em Bm
Em D     Em 
Em D Em 
Em Am 

D Em

Em Am (intense build up has the Am chord)

Em D

D Bm Em


Bm Am --- Em

Marianne, Marianne 
With your voice like silver strings ringing 
And sounds of laughter and singing 
Keep repeating, Marianne, Marianne 

Marianne, Marianne 
Oh I can tell better than anyone else could 
That there's more to you than just bad or good 
There's a teardrop or a shaft of light for your heart 

Marianne, oh, Marianne 
The dawn will be breaking soon 
And my voice will fade with the moon 
And the sunlight will remind me of you
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