The Jiants - Tornado chords

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in the key of E

tornado by the jiants 

start: E for 3 counts four times 

  E                                                         A  
Oh well, she started to rock like a tornado
E                                                         A
A-whirlin' around like the winds blow
    E       A     E     E     A        E
She's a tornado, a tornado

 SOLO : E ,A,G repeat 3 times  

B and E string on the 10th and 9th fret then to the 8th and 7th fret then back to 
the 9th  and 10th fret hold for 8 counts then back to 8th and 7th and then finnish on 9th and 10th 
E,A,G repeat for four 

  E                                                                    A             
She was swingin' with her hips, moving to and fro
A                                                          A 
A-humming to the song with her voice down low
E                 A  E          E       A    E 
She was a tornado, a tornado
E                                                              A
Oh well, she touched my hand and tore me apart
E                                           A
A-twistin' my veins that lead to my heart
E                 A E           E       A  E
She was a tornado, a tornado
E                                                           A
She was tearin' me up and I could take it no more
E                            A 
I started to run, I went out the door
E              A E           E      A E 
She was tornado, a tornado


heres the link to the song
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