The Joy Formidable - Austere chords

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This is tabbed for a beginner's acoustic solo.  It won't sound exactly like the 
song when you play along (I tabbed this with a cover attempt in mind), but it's 
got the same beat and general melody.

D A Em x3

        D       G       Em         
See the medal reverse 
     D           G      Em
This hope is not lost
        D           G    Em       
There’s mischief to turn
     D            G       Em
Your ship to send off

D A Em x2

     D           G      Em  
With puppets and gowns
      D            G    Em 
We’ll ransack this town
    D          G        Em 
I’d rescue you now
      D                G     Em
But I know that you’ll drown

D           A
Oh Austere
Em               G
Lay by my side
D           A
You Austere
Em                     G
You’ll make no sound
D                    A
W/ your last words, 
Em                   G
Don’t let me down
D                   A    
You’re just another 
Em         G
story now.

D A Em x3

G A D~
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