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The Last Internationale - Where Have All The Flowers Gone chords

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The Last Internationale - Where have all the Flower Gone
Tuning: Standard
Tabbed by: Tim Eggenberger

A very cool, and thought provoking, song.
Reminds of the days when people actually gave a sh*t.

You can work your own appregio thing, but here's my
best effort at tabbing it - should get you started.
listen to the song if need be.

Intro: Appregiate G and C
 E ------------------------------3--------|
 B ----3-------3-------3---------3--3-----|
 G ---0-0-0---0-0-0---0-0-0------0-0-0-0--|
 D ------0-------0-------0-------0----0---|
 A --------------------------3>2-2--------|
 E --3-------3-------3-----------3--------|
		  Where ... flowers gone

 E ------3--------3-------3------0-------------0-|
 B ----3-------3-------3--------1-1------3-----1-|
 G ---0-0-0---0-0-0---0-0-0----0---0----0-0--0-0-|
 D ------0-------0-------0----2-----2------0---2-|
 A --------------------------3-----------------3-|
 E --3-------3-------3-----------------3---------|
		  where .... protest songs

Where have all the flowers gone
Where are all the protest songs

And the [G]pain in our [C]hearts is no [D]coince[G]dance

Mother tell me why did you change
you used to hate 'the man, now your playing his game

and the [G]drugs in your [C]veins is no [D]coince[G]dance

There can be no shelter from
all the harm our consumptions done

and the cancer in you lungs is no coincedance.

The [G]world is armed and [C]still at [G]war
And [G]we don't care to [C]stop it anymore

And the [G]guns in your [C]schools is no [D]coince[G]dance


Come on Sister take a chance with me
Grab your brother and me me down in D.C.

And together we will fight them in Solidarity

Where have all the flowers gone
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