The Living Sisters - Blue chords

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The Living Sisters - Blue
From the album "Love to live"

Note: Great song. Amazing trio.
I don't think my chords are the same the girls play on YouTube's Luxury Wafers Sessions 
(check this out!), but it works for my voice.
Feel free to improve the chords. And post it! Please.
I just wanted to post these chords here because I couldn't find it anywhere over the 
internet. And this isnīt fair.

Thanks to my friend Randy Smith - from Salta, Argentina - for helping me to clarify the lyrics.

Intro: G

Shebop, shebop
I always think if only
When I'm feeling lonely
We could give our love a try
I'm sick and tired of crying
and all my empty nights
Seem emptier tonight without you
I thought I saw you walking
Thought I heard you talking
You were telling someone else
Of all the love you felt
And though it wasn't you
It made me just as blue
What can I do
NC           C                    G
You make me blue, you make me blue
             D                    G
You make me blue, you make me so blue

G  C  D7  G

Shebop, shebop
I know we had to break up
How many times can we make up?
Till it starts to feel the same
It turns out too okay
I'm happy that I'm sad
The worst case I've ever had of the blues
Ends with the G
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