The Lone Bellow - Bleeding Out chords

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Even if I was lonely, even if I was broke
Dm F
Even if all the dogs in the pound left me notes
Sayiní itís never over, it never ends
Grab the guns and the ammo, let us descend

To the darkest of prisons, break their defense
We will rattle the cages, rules will be bent
Oh, remind us our days are all numbered, not spent
And peace it comes easy like mist on a ridge

Breathing in, breathing out, the salt in my mouth
Gives me hope that Iíll bleed something worth bleeding out

All the horoscopes tell us to break all our ties
To our families and loved ones we leave when we fly
To the cities we think we need in our lives
Oh, you Manhattan jungle, you tangle our pride


All the buildings, they lean and they smile down on us
And they shout from their rooftops words we canít trust
Like youíre dead, you are tired, youíre ruined, youíre dust
Oh, you wonít Ďmount to nothing, like thanks full of rust

But we scream back at them from below on the street
All in unison we sing, our timeís been redeemed
We are all of the beauty that has not been seen
We are full of the color thatís never been dreamed

Where nothing we need ever dies
Where nothing we need ever dies
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