The Marshmallow Kisses - I Wonder Why My Favorite Boy Leaves Me In The Rain chords

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                             I wonder why my favorite boy leaves me in the rain - 
The Marshmallow Kisses
Tabbed by: tragicallyShoujo

Tuning: EADGBe

C Em C Em

C          Em   C             Em
on a rainy day, I'm wondering why

  F               G      
I wonder when the sun will shine

  C              Am
I wonder why you turn me down

Dm     G
in the rain I cry

I cry

C Em C Em

C           Em   C            Em
on a dreamy day, I'm drifting around

  F          G     
I chase your footprints everywhere

        C        Am
I'll be ready to lose my breath

Dm       G             C
when you come along my way


C Em C Em

F G C Am Dm G C

C                      Em
my heart floats in the wind

C                   Em
I wish I could have wings

  F               G
I fly back to the dreamy land

   C                Am
to kiss my favorite boy again

Dm                G
then I'll let you say goodbye

bye bye

C Em C Em C
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