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The Mother Hips - Whiskey On A Southbound chords

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Whiskey on a Southbound

By The Mother Hips
Lyrics/Music by Tim Bluhm
From the album "Shootout" (1996)
Tablature by Bill and Bruce

intro: (at least something that sounds close)


b=bend, h=hammer-on, p=pull-off

G            C                    A      Cadd9
Whiskey on a Southbound bound for Angeltown
G                D               C     G
Let those diesel engines pull me down
G                     C             A                         
Broke down man at the station house cryin' from his head to his hands
G                D               G
Lord it makes me wonder what she said

Am                  F                 G
She said I have the strangest kind of innocence
Am                    F                 D
But I'm gonna ask her exactly what that means
Am                 F               G
She said her mother likes me and I think I trust them both
G                           D                       G
And she treats me good enough for me to write this song



after that: G  D  G

G                                C                         A  
Well my girl got drunk and she's talkin' to some boys from high school
G                           D                  C       G
She knows how to swim but I think she wants to drown
G                    C                   A                Cadd9
Ticketman said she's tryin' to make me a jealous hearted man
G                      D              G
Watchin' the telephone wires I nod my head

Am F G   Am F D   Am 
F G   D G (same as the above part but w/out vocals)

G            C
Whiskey on a Southbound
G            C
Whiskey on a Southbound
G            D                    C    G
Whiskey on a Southbound bound for Angeltown

Chords used in this song:

(chords are displayed like so: (EADGBe))

G:     (320033) or (355433)
C:     (x32010)
A:     (x0222x)
Cadd9: (x3203x)
D:     (x00232)
Am:    (x02210)
F:     (133211)
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