The Mother Hips - Thank You Tierra Deavers chords

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Thank You, Tierra Deavers

Lyrics/Music by Tim Bluhm
Chords based on Tim & Greg's performance at Micks Lounge Session 1999
Tablature by Kyle Kersten

G                             C                 G
May water stay water and may ice turn to snow

G                                        C            G
May you always stay ticklish no matter how much you grow

G                                               C          G
May your hair smell of wood smoke and may your car always go

G                         C                         G
Thank you for telling me something that I didn't know


             D                       Em              C
And I didn't know about you at all  Tiera Deavers

             D                              Em                         
C         G
And I didn't know that I would be the receiver of something that glows

G                                 C             G
May you alwyas still love me even after I'm gone

G                                   C             G
May this love not prevent you from traveling on

G                                    C                G
And please forgive me beforehand for all that I do

G                                              C                 G
May adulthood come gracefully slower than the seasons to you

(Repeat Chorus)

D      G        --------|  G

Let me know if you have any corrections.
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