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The National - Slow Show tab

			SLOW SHOW (Acoustic) - The National
Tabbed by: Mike

Pretty sure this is 100%, i just watched them do this on youtube and thought it sounded
pretty easy. If you have any questions just email me. Basically the song has a CAPO on
the 4th fret. and follows a simple tune. In just going to show the chord used in order, 
you can easily work out the strum pattern by listening to it. ALL NOTES RELEVANT TO CAPO

   Am     Am*     F* C      G
e|- 0-----0-     -1--0     -3-|
B|--1-----1-     -1--1     -3-|
G|--2-----2-     -2--0     -0-|
D|--2-----0- x2  -3--2 x2  -0-|
A|--0-----0-     -0--3     -2-|
E|--x-----x-     -x--x     -3-|


F* C Am G

That is basically the whole song till the last bit which goes

Em  G  Dm C

it sounds pretty cool if you pick these in open chords, this enables you do the little
piano riff which goes like this.

  Em           G            Dm          C


Breaking it down with the piano riff and the chords at the same time sounds awesome.
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