The New Pornograpgers - Electric Child Of Witchcraft Rising chords

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A              C#m
Wake up to the sky,

Crackling with a thousand notes

Enveloping my mind.

A               C#m
Walk along the streets,

Crumbling nerve endings coming down,

Youre all I find.

D               A
Voices move and pictures talk,

The language of the screams

From the pupils of your eyes,

D                   A
Guiding me down the lightening corridor

E                                  D
Where the ancient shadows rise.

A         D            E
Youre dreams that run wild,

A         D           E
Youre an electric child,

F#m         D            E
Youre a time-travelling witch,

       A           E          D
I summoned you and you smiled.

A           D         E
Through the mirror of night,

A          D        E
In the conjuring light,

F#m       D          E
You reached for the switch

           A         E        D
And made everything alright,

           A         E        D
You made everything alright,

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