The Reason 4 - Take It All chords

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The Reason 4 - Take It All -
Tabbed by Sats @
Twitter @satssolanki

Verse 1

 D                           Am
When I was a little child
Em                                       G
All my dreams were running wild
D                                         Am
I had the whole world at my feet
Em                                       G
Was never hurt, I let my actions speak

Pre Chorus
      Am          Em                  G                       
I never doubted that I would find it in myself to be
                           Am     Em
Now I'm gonna shout it
Let the whole world sing it along with me
You can be who you wanna be

D                                Am                     Em
So donít stop ever believing, keep on dreaming
Got to be strong and take the fall
D                       Am                           Em
Hold on to the feeling, the path we're leaving
This is your chance to take it all

Verse 2
D                              Am
In the moment it all sounds
Em                                      G
Tears of joy will drown the crowd
D                                      Am
Feel my heart just beating fast
Em                             G
This is how it feels to live and laugh

Pre Chorus
Pre Chorus

Enjoy! It's basically the same 4 chords throughout the whole song in slightly different 
order. Great melodies though. For more chords, lyrics, guitar related articles and 
inspiration, check out
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