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The Royal Royal - My Hope chords

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My Hope

Based in acoustic version, from this video in Youtube:

Chords used:
G  -   320033 or 320003
Gsus - 330033 or 320013
Em -   022033
C -    x32033

Capo 2

Intro:  G
In intro, as in the video you can only play the E string. I usually play with E and A
You can do that in the verses aswell

(Verse 1)
I find hope in you
I find life in you
Gsus4  C             G
I find  peace in you

When my hearts breaks down
In the back to life
Gsus4     C                     G
You are always there, You never leave

C                Em
You give peace, you give me joy
C                 Em
You give me love to live for
C                     Em                    G
You give me faith so I can move the mountains
C                    Em
You are the way, you are the truth
C               Em
You are the life inside me
C               Em           G
You are the reason that my heart will worship

(Verse 2)
There is righteousness
There is holiness
Gsus4    C              G
There is strength in you

I just in your word
I give all I am
Gsus4     C           G
Oh Lord I serve to you


Oooh Oooh
C        E        C       E        C     
E     G

G       Gsus4          C
My hope is in you (Repeat as many times you want)

Praise the Lord!
If lyrics aren't correct, sorry
I tried my best to write them down haha
Any corrections please comment or send me an email!
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