The Silver Seas - Catch Yer Own Train chords

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Let me just say that this was my first time doing any chords, so these chords aren't the 
best, but if you can improve them, please message me and I will fix them.

[C] [Am] [C] [Am]

[Am]         [D]
I wish I was strong
         [Am]           [D]
Would've known from the start
Instead of waiting so long
To reveal what's behind
            [Am]      [D]
But there's no use in talking
                    [E]   [D]
You've made up your mind

             [E]    [Am]    [D]
Baby you and I (are not the same)
                     [E]    [Am]     [D]
You say you like the sun (I like the rain)
             [E]           [Am] [D]
So before we go through it all again
                     [Am][D]   [E]
You better catch yer own train

I wish I was light
I would shine through this tunnel
To the light on the other side
I would brake down this wall
So it could finally see
The truth of it all


[G] [F] [G] [F]

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