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The Sleeping - King Of Hearts tab

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B						E
Who were you there with? 
Cause I swear I've seen him before.
			    A				B
Though, in the distance I just turned my head away. 
B								E
What part of clinging to the same trends 
makes sense to a girl who cries
		A					    B
at least twice a day because she's unhappy?

B								E
We could have made it with a couple of deep breaths.
 			G				A			B
There was a light. We could have reached it, there was a light.
B								E
Though, all this pain and aggravation 
				   G			A			  B
causes me to feel that I was just a card dealt out of spite.

Well, I call your bluff.

B								A	E G
Get with it, Get with it. Did you think that I was blind enough to not realize?
E				G			    B
Well better luck next, better luck next guy. 
B								   A
And why was it, why was it every time that we would have it out 
			E	   G
you wouldn't cry? 
			E				G			B
You'd just place your bet, make the call, go run and hide.


All alone. [x6]

My heart isn't broken, and I'm not dead. [x8]
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