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The Softies - Its Love tab

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Artist:	The Softies (
Song:	It's Love
Album:	It's Love (1995)

Tab by Joe Friedl (

As played live by Rose Melberg:

A	x02220
Amaj7	x02120
D	xx0232
Dsus2	xx0230
E	022100
Asus2/D	xx0200

A  Amaj7  D  Dsus2
A  Amaj7  D  Dsus2

         A    Amaj7
You're a sure sign
   D      Dsus2
of heaven above
           A        Amaj7
and you're past the line
          D          Dsus2
between I like and I love

[ Tab from: ]
        A    Amaj7  D  Dsus2
But I'm trusting you
   A         Amaj7           D  Dsus2
to always be mine and be true

            E  A*     D        E
And there's no reason we can't call it what it is
A   Amaj7           D    Dsus2
    It's love, it's love
A   Amaj7           D    Dsus2
    It's love, it's love

(* Fiddle around with the 3rd fret of the B string if you're feeling fancy.)

[Repeat all of the above, then:]

A                  Amaj7
  I can't help but tell everyone
D                      D         Dsus2  Asus2/D
This is the best thing I've ever done
  A            Amaj7
I owe you everything
    D                        D
You turn my winter to spring

     Dsus2  Asus2/D  A
This must   be       love
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