The Stupid Stupid Henchmen - Oh No No No chords

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Hello guys & gals. I'm doing something about the absence of guitar tabs for this band. 
Listen to the song and play along if you get lost, but this song is easy if you 
know what your doing. 
This song appears on their 2005 album "Car Bombs are Cool." Palm mute chords to 
play it like the band does.
Band website.

Song patern is as follows. 
          Verses: D -> A -> Bm -> A , D -> A -> Bm ->Bm.
          Chorus: G -> F# -> G -> F# -> A * Note that these are bar chords

D        A                 Bm
Well Ive Walked Across The Sea
                A                D                 A                 Bm
And Ive Come To Realization that People Are Beasts No Matter Where You Are
Strugglin To Live With What They Got So 
D                       A                   Bm               A
I Appreciate Everything That I Have In This Police State I Still Get Sad And 
D             A
I Wonder When All The 3rd World Countries will
Set Off Their Bombs And Leave Us All Dead

G  F#  G  F#  A
Oh, No No No...

D           A              Bm                   A
And All The Shit We Talk Should Be Banned From Our Democracy
D                           A
It Shouldn't  Be Allowed To Kill Our Own Men And Women
Designed For Equal Rights , But I Guess They Fucked That Up So
D                   A
No Matter Where You Go Yer Never Treated The Same
Bm                 A
At Yer Fuckin Job Miss Tits Gets A Raise
D                         A
For Suckin Their Dick And Fuckin The Eagle
This Shit Happens Every Fuckin Day

G  F#  G  F#  A
Oh, No No No...

I tried to align the chords to the parts of the song as best as i could.
Enjoy, This ones for all the rude boys and girls around the world. 
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