The Sunday Drivers - Often chords

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Capo on 7th

          C    Cmaj9   Am7  Cmaj9/G  Fmaj7

Intro:   C  Cmaj9  Am7  Cmaj9/G - C

Verse 1:
C          Cmaj9   Am7      Cmaj9/G     C
   Can you feel my heart?
           Cmaj9   Am7      Cmaj9/G     C
You have it in your hands.
           Cmaj9   Am7     Cmaj9/G Fmaj7
How do you hear me talking all my trash?

(same pattern)
Do you like my ways?
Do you still love my face?
Do you think it's dreadful when I say ...

Chorus (G or Cmaj9/G):
Fmaj7		        G
     I think of you often.
Fmaj7         G 
     Have you forgotten
Fmaj7          		    G
     The way you looked at me
		 Intro and verse pattern
When we met?

(follow the same patterns troughout the song)
Verse 2:
Do you think I'm dreamy?
Or do you mean scared?
How much are you saving? You're so brave.

How to talk to the deaf?
And how to talk in bed?
How long to realize that makes no sense?

I think of you often.
Have you forgotten
The way you looked at me
When we met?

(verse and intro pattern)
May I ask a question?
But take in its sense.
Can I touch your nape? It won't hurt.

(chors pattern)
Inside of me
Is easy to see,
When you find it out
Please show it to me
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