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The Tallest Man On Earth - Thrown Right At Me chords

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Tallest man on earth - Thrown right at me

standard capo 5th
C/G 302010
G7 323010
G* 320030
F#dim x5656x
Em(7) 022030



C                    C/G
Jump 'long the creekside
F                   C
The rock's crooked line
F#                     Am
Fun girls, you'll hear it
F                C
The days open wide

C                  F             G7          C
And horses trot faster 'til sparrows fall down
   F#               Am               F              C
But you just fall, laughin', to the snow on the ground
F             G7           C           F
You grew up by playin' the valley so wild
           Em     (7)
And that's why
G*                    C
You're so beautiful now

(you can pull-on or bend)

you can pull or bend

And, dancin' your bike to the lonesome, young mare
You call up her owner; say your heart will be there
You'll build a collection of scars on your knees
To learn how to count the impossible trees
You grew up by climbin' the birches so high
And that's why
You're so beautiful now

And we live so close that we probably seen
The same bird, the same time
They solumnly scream
One day, I'll find just that friend who can see
All this weird beauty
Thrown right at me

Growin' by playin' the valley so wild
And that's why
You're so beautiful now 
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