The Tallest Man On Earth - Honey Wont You Let Me In chords

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Honey Won't You Let Me In
The Tallest Man On Earth
Shallow Graves
Tabbed By: Nathan Dennies

This is going to be rather bare bones as far as tabbing goes. It's more of a reference 
you know the chords within the song and it's up to you to incorporate the lyrics within it.

Chord Guide:

Intro: | Esus2sus4 | E | Asus2 || Esus2sus4 | E | 
| Am/C |

Verse: | C#m | A | E | B | repeat.

On the last line of each verse when you get to the E chord do 1/2 measure of E, then 1/2 
of B and back to E again. Then repeat the intro section. That's the entire song.

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