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The Upper Room - Black And White tab

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Black and White
Words & Music: Sonya Isaacs
Makem Smile Music/Spirit High Ridge Music, BMI

Key: Cm
Chords: Cm, Fm, Gm, Ab

(If you play with a capo on the 3rd fret, the chords are Am, Dm, Em, and F respectively)

Oh, let me tell my story friend
                Fm       Gm            Cm
That you might learn to stay away from sin
I took a life not mine to take
           Fm       Gm                Cm
Imprisoned for this haunting dread mistake

My heart was harder than my soul
They sentenced me to life without parole
Where no one cares, weíre all the same
And I must wear this number for my name

            Ab              Cm               
Now life to me is black and white
                Fm        Gm            Cm
Iíll wear these stripes until the day I die
                   Ab             Cm
But this ball and chain around my leg
Wonít drag me down, wonít drag me down
Gm        Cm
When I am dead

My mother prayed so hard for me
She did her time down on bended knees
But I was young and I had no fear
Her pleading voice still echoes in my ear

Donít let the beauty blind your eyes
This world is filled with discolored lies
For greener fields donít sell your soul
Youíll think youíre rich with a pocket of foolís gold


Iíd rather be in this dark cell
Than to be free and die and go to hell
God bless the day of my new birth
I donít have to pay the price that I deserve


             Ab               Cm
And when Iím dead and take my flight
             Fm        Gm                 Cm
Iíll leave behind this world of black and white

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