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The Weepies - Happiness chords

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Bar chords can be used for the chorus if you find that easier.

Intro:  E   C#m   A   B  x2 
Verse: E   C#m   A   B  
Friday 13
Lights go red, green
A           B           (pattern is the same for the rest of the verses)
In a coffee shop 
I'm giving you the look 
While someone else 
Is fingering your wallet in my pocketbook
It's a mean town 
but I don't care
C#m       B    A
Try and steal this
A            B
Can't steal happiness 
E   C#m   A   B  x2 
Got a charger,
No cell phone
I can't call out
Unless it's to cry your name out the open window
       A                 B  
To a sky that looks right back
               C#m  B    A
And says it's never seen rain  
      A                     B  
Sometimes you gotta start clean
           C#m       B     A
You gotta begin not begin again, oh no 

C#m       B               A  
And as we fly around the sun 
C#m            B            A  
We know we're not the only ones 
C#m            B     A  
Love for the lonely It's been a long time coming  
F#m                          A          B  
Can you hear that hopeful heart?
E   C#m   A   B  x4
Night settles
Still working on a way to breathe
Don't you go, don't you go down
Take a helium taxi home to me 
Outro:  E   C#m   A   B  x8  E 
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