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The Willis Clan - What Can I Say chords

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Capo 3 
What can I say

G             D                           G    
Rarely am I speechless ever lost for words
D                                                  Cadd9
Always been the girl that's sometimes seen but always heard
G                                             Cadd9               G
But standing before you I've never felt this bad Thinking of the things I've said
i wish I never had

G     D       Cadd9
What can I say
G                                       Cadd9
 I'm afraid I've already said it all
G                D
What can I do 
Cadd9                   G
to take it back for you 
Cadd9                       D         G
rewrite every love song that I've played
Cadd9                        D
Save it for a moment like today
G      D         Cadd9
What can I say

Verse 2
G                       D            G
You think it's ironic go ahead and laugh
Cadd9                                           G
The situations funny when it's not in your behalf
Talk about confusing it all makes perfect sense 
G                                                      D
Except that I'm a fool on the wrong side of the fence


G                             D              G
Nothin does you justice not like you deserve
D                                          Cadd9
I know I have to tell you and I'm workin up the nerve
G                                      Cadd9
Nothin can explain you or perfectly portray
G                                       Cadd9  D
I'd give my own attemp if I could only find a way

Chorus x2
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