Third Day - Surrender chords

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Capo V

intro: (with capo)
  A     A7 A A7 A G            G A

         A                 G
When the day began And you opened up your eyes
         F           G                 A
No, you didn't recognize What you were seeing
        A                  G
Then it all came back, You remembered where you'd been
          F              G                   A
Well it never seems to end And your still running
C                          D
Will you ever change your mind
               F   G
Your almost out of time

            A        F
You better give up, gotta stop running
         G                      F         G
It's the end of the line, It's time to surrender
A         F
Hands up, Turn it around
 G                           F       G          A-ring out
Fall to the ground, Are you gonna surrender

         A                    G
Now the day is done, And you want to close your eyes
        F                 G                A~~~
And pretend that you are fine But you'd be lying
        A                G
And you want it back The life that you once had
        F          G                        A
'Cause inside you find That you are slowly dying
C                          D
Will you ever change your mind
            F      G
Your almost out of time

Chorus x2

Ending: A F G F G A~~~
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