This Wild Life - Ripped Away chords

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** So, this is my first! 
I just pretty much watched the lead singer play it live and 
watched a few covers and just put what sounded right together c:. 
It may not 100% but it's a start! :D 
Questions or comments, just contact me!**

I don't really know they chord names.
So I will just make the names up and show the tabs. 
Hang in there with with me :c

Tuning: Drop D
Tabbed by: ShawnaLovesBmth
Artist: This Wild Life
Song: Ripped Away

    G13  A2 E9  D2

Intro: G13 A2 E9 E9 x2

      G13                    A2
Was I lying right through my teeth
when I said I was trustworthy
       G13                      A2
I said I'd never ever live this way
I'm turning into everything I hate

           G13                A2
Well I was reckless with your love
I know I never gave you enough

           D2 A2         E9
Well is it all slipping away from me
           G13          E9         D2  
I can't be anything you want me to be
   A2       E9
All, ripped away from me
           G13          E9         D2
I can't be anything you want me to be
                         A2                  D2
My heart is heavy and it keeps me to the ground
                          G13          E9      D2
My eyes are swollen cause I can't have you around
   A2       E9
All, ripped away from me, I can't be anything you want me to be


         G13                            A2
I didn't have the strength to just come clean
Feeling weak and hurt it seems
           G13                   A2
That I can never look you in the face
Don't have the spine to go to your place

  What can I do? What can I say?
  After all I pushed you away
G13                                      D2
  If you ever forgive me now it would be too soon

** Yeah! I hope this works c: 
Also, for the A2 I do this little thing where I play an A7 the a regular A.
It sounds pretty cool if you play around with it, but the studio version plays it 
with just the regular A2. **
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