Thom Yorke - Lotus Flower tab

Hello, i've never tabbed out anything and I really suck at guitar too.......
saying that I went to the Echoplex show that Thom Yorke first
played this song solo. Warren from Youtube pretty much nailed
 it so here's what he taught me basically...
Tune down the 6th string (improper terms used sorry)

rift 1
-3----0----------| repeat about 4x

rift 2
-/5----2---3-----| repeat 2x then go back to original rift

Those alternate a few times and then it move on to...

rift 3
-8---8---8--8---8--8--/5---5---5-5---/3------| repeat a few times, return to intro

Thats about it. If you listen to the recordings on youtube at the moment you will hear 
does not play it this way exactly, he plays it a bit sloppier (on purpose i'm sure). Have fun
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