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Thunderbugs - First Time tab

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     Bmaj      C#     D#m7

e ---x------x-----6---------|
E   --x------x-----x--------|

use a wah way it sounds great

this is played through the whole song...listen to it to get the rythem...

**lick**   e----2h3p2----

if you have another guitar you can keep hammering   e---9h11--- on the 1st string the hole time
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                                    Bmaj , Bmaj        Bmaj , 
                                         Bmaj    C#  D#m7
It  aint  nothing  like  the  first  time   im   trying   to   tell  you   i   can  blow 
ya    mind   baby   if I

                       C#        (lick)         Bmaj                   
                          D#m7  C#  Bmaj
touch   you   here   and   kiss   you   there   gonna     fall   in   love   shorty   best   beware...