Tim Hawkins - Stalker chords

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G               Cadd9     D
I been watching you for a long long time
G            Cadd9     D
But you just see right through me 
G     Cadd9                 D
And I can't seem to get you off my mind
G                   Cadd9       D
You don't know what its doin to me

I've got your pictures spread out 
all over my wall
        Cadd9                   D
I'm the one that breathes heavy when he calls

            G        Cadd9 D
Cause I'm a stalker
      G      Cadd9 D
I'm a stalker

G              Cadd9     D
Baby won't you just consider me
         G            Cadd9      D
I got a job and I'm a real good dancer
      G           Cadd9   D
I got money and a car and I love cats
      G          Cadd9      D
And I won't take no for an answer

              Cadd9                D
You know that Hershey makes kisses by the ton
        Cadd9               D
But I'm only asking you for one mwahhh! 

      G      Cadd9 D
I'm a stalker
         G      Cadd9 D
A cheesy stalker

Em(palm mute)                                              G Cadd9 G
You're beautiful you're beautiful you're beautiful its true!
          Em (palm mute)
The day i touched your face 

You sprayed me with mace 
And untill the day you say I do
                          G Cadd9 D
I'll still be stalking you

G      Cadd9         D
Baby I swear i don't mean no harm
           G                Cadd9       D
You didn't have to get that restraining order
       G        Cadd9  D
All I do is campout in your back yard
         G         Cadd9      D
Its just me and my little cam corder

And if our life was a movie 
You'd be the star
And every second of the day 
I'd know where you are

      G      Cadd9 D
I'm a stalker
         G      Cadd9 D
Yeah I'm stalker
I'm a walker
I'm a talker
I'm a midnight stalker 
G   Cadd9 D
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