Tim Mcgraw - Walk Like A Man chords

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**CAPO 3**

there really is not intro to this song, he just starts on the down stroke of the D

In the fights they had he'd cover up his ears
                                         Em  -  D/F#  -   G
Thought big boys don't cry, fought back all the tears
G                                                         D               G-D
Mama'd use her make up, to hide the bruises on his face
        A                                              G                              D
In the morning they'd pretend that there'd never ever been a trace

His old man woke him up to help him find the car
                                      Em  -  D/F#  -   G
Take the bus uptown outside some rundown bar
G                                                                    D  G-D
And swore that he was quittin, and then he'd start to cry
                A                                             G                  D
And though the boy knew the truth sometimes he'd still believe that lie

When the sins of the father are the sins of the son
     D                       Bm
All you do is crawl when you wanna run
And God gave boys their mamas cause
They always see their promise
          G              D/F#   Em          A
And they help them understand
                            D   Bm
How to walk like a man
      Em           G
Walk like a man

They moved a lot of places, they never settled down
                             Em  -  D/F#  -   G
It got pretty old being the new kid in town
G                                                                   D  G-D
He always told his friends, my daddy's sick today
              A                                            G                      D
Said he'd be rich if he had a nickel every time he heard his mama say

Chorus 2:
The sins of the father are the sins of the son
D                                          Bm
Crawl before you walk, boy, walk before you run
Come on, stand up straight
I'm proud of you
         G               D/F#          Em       A
Take my hand,  I know you can
        D   Bm
Walk like a man
            Em   G
Walk like a man

A                                        D                 G
Your daddy's demons are callin' your name
A                                                      D               G 
Don't you listen to them cause they've got no claim
A                                         D        G
Temptations may come, that ain't no sin
         Em                                         D/F#        G   A
You get stronger every time that you don't give in

Chorus 3:
The sins of the father are the sins of the son
D                                   Bm
You can't undo what has been done
Em                          D/F#
You'll have to retrace his footsteps
             G   D/F#
Through the sand
             Bm                  E7
And pray you find the love of a girl
     G                      D/F#
And take her by the hand
     Em     A
And walk on
Walk like a      man  
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