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Tim Wilson - Church League Softball Fistfight chords

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Church League Softball Fist Fight
By Tim Wilson
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

Done as best I could based on the Bob and Tom live recording

Capo 2

Chorus 1:
E                        B
Church League, Softball, Fist Fight
       B                        E
Gettin washed in the blood on a Tuesday night
           E                 A
What would Jesus do, lord he wouldn't do that
      B                                       E
Knock hell outta the preacher with a softball bat

Well the swinging Sheppard's from the Sheep of the Savoir
     B                      E
were tied with the sourwood church of Christ
An example of some highly unholy behavior
     B                                    E
in a game that had already been protested twice
Something unbiblical must have been said
for them to be aimin' heat at the minister's head
Clockin the clergy ain't the thing to do
But neitherís the high hard one on the 0-2

Chorus 2:
Church League, Softball, Fist Fight
A body layin' on the hands 'neath the left field lights
Knockin out four teeth, gettin a busted lip
Aint exactly my idea of Christian Fellership

Church League, Softball, Fist Fight
Rollin round the pitchers mound it just don't look right
where the nice people from the church and the Sunday school class
To trade a cup of brotherhood for a can of whoop-ass
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