Tom Jones - I Was Made To Love Her chords

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I Was Made To Love Her:Tom Jones.
(His version of Stevie Wonder's hit
in 1967.)
          (Capo 5th fret.)

A                        Dm
I was born in Lil' Rock, had a childhood sweetheart,
F              G       A
we were always hand in hand.
A                                     Dm
I wore hightop shoes and shirt tails, Suzy was in 

F        G              A
I know I loved her even then.
A                                   Dm
You know my Papa disapproved it, my Mama boo-hooed it.
F               G             A
But I told them time and time again..
'Don't you know I was made to love her,
Dm                         F     G    A
build my world around her..Yeah! Hey, hey.

A                          Dm
She's been my inspiration, showed appreciation,
F              G                    A
for the love I gave her through the years.
A                           Dm
Like a sweet Magnolia tree, my love blossomed tenderly,
F            G                   A
my life grew sweeter through the years.
A                                 Dm
I know that my baby loves me, you know my baby needs me.
F             G                   A
That's why we made it through the years.
A                       Dm
I was made to love her, worship and adore her,
F    G    A
Hey, hey, hey.
A                           Dm
All through thick and thin, our love just won't end,
        F             G             A
cause I love my baby, love my baby..yeah!

A                 Dm
My baby loves me, my baby needs me,
F            G             A
and I know I ain't going nowhere.
A                                  Dm
I was knee high to a chicken, when that love bug bit me,
F                    G            A
I had the fever with each passing year.
A                                 Dm
Oh, even if the mountain tumbles, even

if this whole world crumbles,
F                G                 A
by her side I'll still be standing there.
A                             Dm
Cause I was made to love her, I was made to live 
         F     G     A
for her..yeah, yeah, yeah!
A                             Dm
Cause I was made to love her, build my world all 
            F    G    A
around her..Hey, hey, hey! (Last two lines x3.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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