Tom Jones - Thunderball chords

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SONG: Thunderball
ARTIST: Tom Jones

From the movie Thunderball

Gm        Cm                Gm
He always runs while others walk
   G#         D7    D+  D7   Gm
He acts while other men just talk.
   Cm            D7         D+    D7  Bm   G   Bm6   G  
He looks at this world, and wants it all,
      Cm            A7 A7 5 D7 
So he strikes, like Thunderball.

D#7 9   D7 9  

Gm           Cm            Gm
He knows the meaning of success.
    G#        D7       D+  D7   Gm
His needs are more, so he gives less.
     Cm           D7     D+  D7    Bm   G   Bm6   G  
They call him the winner who takes all.
       Cm            D7  Cm  Gm
And he strikes, like Thunderball.

Cm  Fm                    Gm   G#maj7
Any woman he wants, he'll get.
        Fm        Dm7 5     D7    Gm
He will break any heart without regret.
Am7 5   D7  
Gm          Cm             Gm
His days of asking are all gone.
    G#         D7     D+  D7  Gm
His fight goes on and on and on.
       Cm              D7       D+    D7  Bm   G   Bm6   G  
But he thinks that the fight is worth it all.
      Cm           D7     Gm
So he strikes like Thunderball.
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