Tom Waits - Johnsburg Illinois chords

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                Johnsburg, Illinois - Tom Waits
Tabbed by: maguri
Tuning: Standard

Tom Waits 
Johnsburg, Illinois (1982)
(Tom Waits)

From: "Swordfishtrombones"


C#7       x-4-3-4-2-x
A7sus4    x-0-2-0-3-x
A7        x-0-2-0-2-x
[ch]A7sus2[/ch]    x-0-2-0-0-x
[ch]E7/G#[/ch]     4-x-0-1-0-0
A7/G      3-x-2-0-2-0
D/F#      2-x-0-2-3-x
Gadd9     3-x-0-2-0-x
G         3-x-0-0-0-x
D/A       x-0-0-2-3-x
Bdim      x-1-2-3-2-x


D (freely)

D              B7
 She's my only true love
Em                C#7
 She's all that I think of
     F#m        B7
Look here in my wallet
       Em   A7sus4 A7 A7sus2 A7
That's her

D                 B7
 She grew up on a farm there
Em                     C#7
 There's a place on my arm
           F#m         B7
Where I've written her name
        Em       A7sus4 A7
Next to mine

    [ch]E7/G#[/ch] A7/G
You see I just 
      D/F#     Gadd9 G
Can't live without   her
    D/A     Bbdim Bm  D7
And I'm her only  boy
    [ch]E7/G#[/ch]    A7/G  D/F#   Gadd9 G
And she grew up outside McHen - ry
   D/A       A7 [E7]
In Johnsburg, Illinois

| E7 A7 | D G | D/A A7 | D

(the bass plays the note "a" throughout the outro 
and the piano uses a lot of weird notes in the chords)
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