Tom Waits - Johnsburg Illinois chords

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      Tiny little song from Mr Waits, I think it sounds about right'ish
      As always, any mistakes are mine

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                       JOHNSBURG  ILLINOIS

  C#m = X46664,  Dmaj = X57775,  Fm = 244222,  Em7 = 022030

              D        B7                    Em          C#m
        She's my only true love,       She's all that I think of
             Dmaj         B7              Em    A7
        Look here in my wallet,    That's her

                 D        B7                Em         C#m
        She grew up on a farm,   There's a place on my arm
                     Dmaj       B7              Em    A7
        Where I've written her name,   Next to mine

             E7    Em7         D      G             Dmaj     Fm  Bm   D7
        You see I just can't live without her,  And I'm her only boy
         E7      Em7    D      G            Dmaj     A7   D
        She grew up outside McHenry,   In Johnsburg Illinois
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