Tommy Steele - A Handful Of Songs chords

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(G)Iíve got a (D)handful of (G)songs to (D)sing you
(G)Canít stop my (D)voice when it (G)longs to (D)sing you
(C)New songs and (G7)blue songs and (C)songs to (D)bring you
(G)Happiness, no (Am)more, no (D)less
   VERSE 2:
(G)Moreover, (D)wherever (G)we may (D)roam to
(G)Or any (D)shore where (G)we may be (D)blown to
(C)Weíll know that (G7)weíre gonna (C)feel at (D)home to
(G)La Bella (Am)Musi(D)ca
(Dm)Jazz and Cha-Cha-Cha,
(E7)Calypso and street vendor cries.
(C)Strains of (F)old refrains,
(C)Sleepy time (Am)baby (D)lullabies
   VERSE 3:
(G)Iíve of a (D)handful of (G)songs to (D)sing you
(G)Iíve got a (D)heart full of (G)love to (D)bring you
(C)True love for (G)you love
And (C)loveís a (D)thing you (B7)keep. (B7) (E7)
So hereís a (Am)handful of (D)songs, going (G)cheap

(Dm)Just a handful of (G)songs
(Dm)Just a handful of (G)songs
(Dm)Only a handful of (G)songs

Play this with a Capo on Fret1 to exactly duplicate the original.

Decca  F 10923 1957 Water, Water/ A Handful of Songs  #5 on UK charts 

Written by: Lionel Bart / Michael Pratt / Tommy Steele
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