Tong - Alice chords

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Capo 6

G     320033
Em7   022033
Cadd9 x32033
D     xx0232
Dsus4 xx0233



G  Dsus4  Cadd9 x2

Verse 1:
G                Dsus4               Cadd9
  I am afraid to say how much I like you
  I fear that you won't feel the same
G                Dsus4               Cadd9
  Although we've just met I feel so calm with you
  Cause I don't need to fake anything

G  Dsus4  Cadd9 x2

Verse 2:
G                Dsus4               Cadd9
  I'm not intrested in, another summerfling

  I'm really looking for the real thing
G                Dsus4               Cadd9
  So let us not haste, let's take it slow

  We'll find a good flow

G                        Dsus4          Cadd9
  Yeah you're the cutest girl I've ever met
  Yeah it's true
G                 Dsus4        Cadd9
  And it feels so good to be around you  x2

G  Dsus4  Cadd9 x2

Verse 3:
G                     Dsus4           Cadd9
  I know I just found out you name is Alice
  Oh my God what am I doing
G                 Dsus4            Cadd9
  Just dreaming away into a wunderland
  Where I believe I could be your man

Chorus x2

Em7 D  Cadd9 x2

Em7                       D                    Cadd9
  I know the odds are against me, I'm not the best looking man
Em7                  D                Cadd9
  But I you got to know me you might love me anyway  x2

Chorus x2

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