Torres - Honey tab

Artist: Torres
Song: Honey
Tabbed by: Vance Berisford

This is a really simple song, aside from the plucking pattern. From

watching live performances, I also noticed that she plays the standard A

(x02220) during the verse but uses A5 (5776xx) in the verses.

Intro: D / A / E

The plucking pattern varies through the song and doesn't have to match up exactly, but I 
do something like this:

 D              A             E

D        A        E
This cannot happen again
D          A          E
Twice in a year is too much
D     A             E
Heavy are you on my mind
D          A               E
Twice in a flush, it ainít enough

A5                                  E
Honey, while you were ashing in your coffee
                     D                      A5
I was thinking about telling you what youíve done to me
A5                              E
Honey, pretending like it never happened
                        D              A5
Come over here and let me put you back together


And that's it. Three chords and the truth.
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