Tough On Tobacco - Happy chords

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Tough On Tobacco = Happy.
from the album = The Happy Goat (2009).

Intro: D A G A x4

D            A 
 I wanted to tell you
G               A 
 The world as I see
D             A
 Is just as exciting
G                    A
 As itís made out to be

D                A
 I seek out your wisdom
G               A 
 It seems only right
D                     A
 ĎCoz Iíve found the meaning of life
   G                  A
So come along for the ride

    D       A    G     A
Iím happy

D              A  
 The secret is simple
G                  A
 All you need is belief
D                       A         
 Think positively, then only will you see
       G                 A
Thatís all you need from me

D                   A 
 The crossroads are many
G                   A
 Take whichever you feel
D                                A
 And then when you can see, just what you wanna be
       G                 A  
Youíll sing it just like me

CHORUS    x4

G                           D
 Thereís not much you gotta do
G                           D
 Find a little something to hold on to
    G                      A
You fix what you can and for what you cannot
Just get on with what you do
And enjoy it
Like I do
So contented
And Iíll sing for you

CHORUS     x4

CHORUS with Humming x2


Tabbed by: Aashutosh Joshi

Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Concrete Junglee
Navi Mumbai, India.
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