Traditional Irish - Irish Soldier Laddie chords

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C                             F                C
'Twas a morning in July I was walking to Tipperary
                                   D             G7
When I heard a battle cry from the mountains overhead
     C                            F             C
As I looked up in the sky, saw an Irish soldier laddie.
   G7                                 C
He looked at me right fearless and he said:

         G            F           C
Will you stand in the band like a true Irishman
                        G         G7
And go to fight the forces of the crown
         C                        F
Will you march with O'Neill to an Irish battlefield,
      G                                     C
For tonight we're going to free old Wexford town

Said I to that soldier lad, would you take me to your Captain
It would be my pride and joy for to march with you today
My young brother fell at Cork and my son at Enniscorthy
To the noble Captain I did say:

Chorus:I will stand in the band ...

As we marched back again in the shadow of the evening
With our banners flying low to the memory of the dead
Oh we came back to our homes, but without our soldier laddie
But I still can hear those brave words that he said:

Chorus:I will stand in the band ...

Chorus:Will you stand in the band ...
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