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Tragically Hip - Something On chords

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Song: Something On
Band: The Tragically Hip
Album: Phantom Power
Label: Universal Music Canada
Written By: The Tragically Hip
Chorded By: ultimatelefty

Definitely one of my favourite songs by The Hip, and I was surprised
to not already see anything on here! So I decided to chord it out, though 
I wasn't quite sure if some of the chords were fifths or barres, so I have
most of them listed as fifths in the song, but in the chord section up here
at the top I wrote out the barred variations of the chords, so you can play it 
however you want! Anyways, please rate, comment, and enjoy!

Standard Tuning

Chords (EADGBe):

D5: x577xx
C5: x355xx
F:  133211 (this chord can also be played as F5: 133xxx) 
A#5:x133xx (this chord can also be played as A#maj: x13331)
G5: 355xxx (this chord can also be played as G: 355433)
G#5:466xxx (this chord can also be played as G#maj: 466544)

Intro: D5 C5 F (x3) 

Your imaginations having puppies 

It could be a video for new recruits 

Just stare into the camera 
                 D5  C5      A#5
And pretend that you got the flu 
               D5       C5    A#5
Or dreams of impossible vacations 
            D5    C5       A#5
And get all teary from the wind 
                        D5        C5         A#5
Look as though you're standing at the station 
                     D5   C5   F
Long after the train came in 
            G5                 A#5
And see how the space tautens 
                 D5   C5   F
Like there's something on 
             G5                A#5                
And you're never more hot then 
                    D5   C5   F  
When you've got something on 

Picture a century of water 

Bury the pipeline guy right here 

Kill the dream of possible vacations 
                     D5   C5     A#5
With the sweep of a mapping pioneer 
                   D5  C5    A#5
Outside there's hectic action 
            D5   C5      A#5
The ice is covering the trees 
                  D5  C5       A#5
And one of em's interconnecting 
           D5  C5     F
With my chevrolet caprice 
              G5           A#5
Black out to phantom power 
                  D5  C5    F
And like there's nothing on 
          G5            A#5
And hammering the tower 

And now there's nothing on

Break (Listen to song for timing): 

G#5 F G#5 G5 A#5

G#5                     F
We'll ride the monorail 
                    G#5          G5
Rocking gently home on the trail 
             A#5               F
You wanna to show me the moon 

I know you're standing at the station 

I know there's nothing on 

I know the alienation 

I know the train's long gone 
F             G5                A#5
I can see how your face tautens 
                    D5  C5   F
Like you've got something on 
            G5               A#5
It makes me feel just rotten 
                   D5  C5   F
But you've got something on

D5 C5 F (x4)
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