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Travie Mccoy - Rough Water chords

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A         E             C#m B
Hey oh, never let go of me
A                E                  C#m   B
Hold tight itís gonna get hard to breathe
A            E        C#m
I will never let you drown
Even if weíre going down
A       E              C#m
Hey oh, never let go of me
When Iím sinkiní

Verse I:

Loose lips sink ships thatís what someone told me
But this boat will stay afloat for as long as you hold me
We been through rough water anytime it was tougher
But the fact I came back to remind you I love ya
And if thatís not enough, well I can one up ya
I pinky promise touch thumbs Iíll never make you suffer
And all I ask in return is some reciprocation
Iíll be your oxygen when youíre running out of patience
So take a deep breath, and hold it tight
My heart is yours just reassure me that youíll hold it right
Donít be offended, Iím just the cautious type
To always be around and hold you down and never under, like


Verse II:

This is my message in a bottle, I hope that you receive it
If it washes up at your feet then open it and read it
To whom it may concern, insert your name here
Itís destiny that we were both born in the same year
Three months apart, but on the same sphere
Staring at the sun, inhaling the same air
This type of love we got, theyíll never get it
Iíll be the Leo DiCaprio to your Kate Winslet
Sometimes I panic but I never take it for granted
Iíll hold you ítil my lips turn blue like Jack in Titanic
And if I lose my grip, then just promise me this
Youíll keep my love in a locket and always rock it, like



Thereís times where like, we find it hard to hold on to something
That was never meant to be held onto
But you let it go, if it comes back it was meant to be
If not, just let it be


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