Travis Cottrell - Thanks Be To Our God chords

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Thanks Be To Our God (Travis Cottrell)

        Am         G          Am      C     F
For the road that leads from darkness into light,
        Am         G      Am      C        G
For the hope that rescues us from endless night,
         Am         C      F           F          G     Am
For the grace that covers sin, at the door where life begins,
        F      Am       C                 G
For salvation reaching in to guide us through,
 Am        G      F   C
Thanks be to our God.

For the healing that no mortal can explain,
For deliverance that breaks the sinner's chains,
For the strength to carry on, and forgiveness great and strong,
And the promise of Your mercies ever new,
Thanks be to our God.

    D    G C   G            C          F
   Hallelujah! Everlasting songs will rise
       C           G
   For all You've done.
    C    G C         G Am 
   Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
     F       G       F   C
   Thanks be to our God!

For the emptiness that cries out to be filled,
For the promise that Your word is deeper still,
For the longing and the need, to have more of You in me,
Because nothing satisfies the way You do,
Thanks be to our God!


For the mysteries beyond the veil of death,
For the peace that opens with our closing breath,
When our struggles pass away, and we finally see Your face,
And a greater glory rises into view,
Thanks be to our God!

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