Tribes - Coming Of Age chords

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Awesome new song that there isn't a tab on here for so i thought i'd give it a shot :D

         C               G        Em             F
Well its taken it out of me im really glad I met you
C               G         Em          F
Down on bended knee now I just can't forget you
C               G        Em            F
sooner or later boy you got to throw away those toys
    C               G        Em             F
now i'd be blind to say it's what it is about me


C                F           G       C
I wanna stay up late in your room at night
C                F           G       C
I wanna watch my world grow old and die
C           F              G     C
I wanna get drunk leave my brain outside
C                F               G       Am
I wanna make friends with people i don't like


Am        G
Coming of age now
Am        G      F
coming of age now

Verse 2...
Pre-chorus x1
Chorus x1

for the solo you play the verse through once 

then you go back to Pre-Chorus then Chorus 
when play the last F finish on a C and that's it :D

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