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Trish Wannamaker - Time Passes chords

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Capo 3

G             D
There once was a time
C             F
Where nothing really mattered
Em              Am
Time didn't fly by so much

G                 D
But now something is missing
Time has been flying by non stop
Em                    Am
Time passes by without even doing anything

G               D
There are some points I wish,
C                  F
That time wouldn't pass by so much

Em           D
It's just like yesterday
I was riding my bike,
With you by my side
But now I'm all alone

There will be one day
Where we reunite,
Em             Am
But that won't be for a while 

Em           Am
Unless time passes by,
G            D
Quicker than normal
Em         Am
Time passes by

C            F
Everybody has a dream
G                    D
Some of those dreams are to be with others
Em                Am
My dream is to see you once again

C                   F
That smile, that laughter, that huge heart
G             D
Every night I fall asleep
Counting the stars
F                     Em
Waiting for all that time to come back

So I can have you again
G           Am
You were one thing that,
D        C
Kept me excited and happy,
Waiting for the next day

Em          Am
To spend time with you
G                    C
But time goes by and time passes
F                        D
But there's not a second I'm not thinking of you

I'm always thinking of you
G                                 C
Every second, every minute, every hour, every day
You're on my mind
No matter how I feel
You were my world
Now you're gone
C              F
Time passes by way to quickly
Em                Am       
One day I want to be reunited with you

(no chord)
One day I will be

Em     Am
Time passes by 
Em     Am
Time passes by
Em     Am
Time passes by
G         D
Without a single wish

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