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Tuatha De Danann - Abracadabra tab

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Intro: ( Am C D ) ( Am C G )

Palmas: ( Am )

Solo Intro: ( Am )

Following the whistler we'll going straight ahead
Am                                       C      *      Am
One by one , magic's flowing hear the whistler and his songs
He show us all the secrets of the music , life and spells
Am                                       C      *      Am
Teach the language of birds , magic rhymes that sounds like bells 
Step by step we're going staring at this beautiful faun
Am                            C     *       Am
Leaded by this wise man that came from the underground
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C                                 Am
The tunes he plays sounds like a nightingale 
D                                Am
His old whistle lead us to the rainbow
C                                 Am
He is the last man who knows old words to charm on
So come on…

Am               C             D          Am
Waiting for his sign –We’re following his light
Am                C             D                Am
Facing all this Bright -shall leave this world behind.

Solo: ( Am )

* Riff: Passagem entre C e Am
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