Tyler Farr - Whiskey In My Water chords

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Standard tuning.

Capo 5th fret. 

I apologize but I don't know what these chords are exactly called. They're a mix 
with G and D but with a little tweak.  I'll label them through out the song with a 
specific character so you have some guidance. I have not fiddled with the bridge 
yet. On the very last verse of the hook if you hold out the "(G1)" chord a couple 
strums more and end with the "(G2)" it flows with the actual song. Play with the 
song and you'll find the strum pattern. Please critique and leave some positive 
feedback so we can get this full tab %100. 

Intro Chords:

  G1       D      G2       D      G1       D      G2

|-----| |--2--| |-----| |--2--| |-----| |--2--| |-----|
|-----| |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----|
|--4--| |--2--| |--6--| |--2--| |--4--| |--2--| |--6--|
|-----| |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----|
|--2--| |-----| |--4--| |-----| |--2--| |-----| |--4--|
|--3--| |-----| |--5--| |-----| |--3--| |-----| |--5--|

In my truck flying down a dirt road
Pickin' you up, feelin' kinda crazy
(G1)                                     (G2)
I think I'm in luck cause I know my baby 

She slaps my knee says: "boy why you smiling?"
Doing my best so hard to hide it
(G1)                                    (G2)
I know what's up, so I just shoot her a wink

Cause when the sun goes down it'll get a little hotter
Make an old boy's heart beat a little harder
(G1)                                               (G2)
I know I can't lose cause it's going down smooth tonight, baby
(G1)                                    (G2)
One ain't enough man may I have another Sitting 'round the fire gettin' drunk on each other
Every day I pray I thank God I got her She's the moon in my shine, the
whiskey in my water
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