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Tyler Hilton - Someone Like You tab

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Remove this *The operations official page is they are 
under a canadian label and their cd is just about to be released, it it a side project 
cone from sum 41 and todd morse of juliette and the licks*

The Operation - Sayonara


G, D, E
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G       D
Walk away
E       C          G
Walk away with pride
B             E
im on your side.
G           D
Steal the day
E         C                  G
Steal the sunshine and rain
B             E
im on your side

G       D
Someone Like you
A          B
Want me to talk to
G     D
im not being rude
A     B
I got things to do

Verse 2: same as first verse

Chorus again

keep playing chorus until


G         D     B      E
It's not me

a bunch of times, then chorus again

I got these straight from dr. dynamite so i know that they are right.

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