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Unchaind - Stand Together tab

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music by Vincent Bocchini
lyrics by Vincent Bocchini

Intro: Em

F                         Em
Lets wake in the morning spend some time to pray 

    F                  Em
And head out into the day

F                 Em
People past us by who need the truth

G        F        C
Or just wandering through

G          F              C
What do we say what do we do


F                           D
If we stand in the Light we shine for Him

G                F                 C
We shine in the light we stand for Him

       F              D
If we stand today we shine forever

G             F                  C      G  F  C
Lets shine today lets stand together 

F                Em
Someones watching is it a friend 

     F                   Em
Or a neighbor who's looking

F                   Em
What are they seeing as they're walking along

G       F      C
Is our witness strong

G               F                 C
What will they say what will thay do


F                  C                     G
Dont you know that we are in service for Him

F                  C                             G  F  C
So lets show our heart that He is in that He is in 

G                F                 C
What will they say what will thay do


Copyright 2001 by Vincent Bocchini, All rights reserved.
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